Crucial amendments made in Cattle Feed Formulation as well as in terms and conditions of quality of Cattle Feed Raw Materials (chiefly Rice Polish Fine, D R Bran, Protein Rich Extractions, Grains – Maize) received during last two years have greatly facilitated to perk up the ordinary production pattern to one of the best; quantitatively (around 5-10 % rise achieved against rated/installed total capacity) as well as qualitatively i.e almost Uniform Quality Finished Goods with adequate Essential Nutrients & least Silica Content (on an average 01.50 %), we have manufactured during the time & provided to feed dairy herd of Milk Producer Members of “Banas” Milk Shed successfully without any complaint.

We have designed significantly affordable single variant of Mineral Mixture (Half Chelated) namely “Banas Super Min” bearing in mind need of whole herd of Banas Milk Shed in which merging of two different variants we had earlier have been arranged to avoid confusions among Milk Producer Members with reference to feeding Inorganic one or Organic one to their dairy animals. It has tremendously helped our dairy animals to improve their production quantitatively & qualitatively, also overall general health as well as reproductive performance.

Also, designed one more essential energy supplement (to correct negative energy balance in a most herd of Banas Milk Shed) namely “Banas Super Fat” comprising almost 99.00 % latest third generation Bypass Fat made out of Crude Palm Oil. Bypass Fat – 99 % has also been utilized as an alternative energy/oil source in a routine production during crisis experienced of “R P Fine” in the market.

We have planned & promoted the production of Cattle Feed – Species Specific, considering daily nutrient requirements of “Cow – Crossbred” as well as “Buffalo- Mehsani” and simultaneously implemented VAPs to create awareness regarding significance of feeding Species Specific Feed to dairy animals among Milk Producer Members of DCSs of Banas Milk Shed.

We have successfully installed 10.00 MTPD Mineral Mixture Plant at Cattle Feed Plant Premises, Palanpur and also, started regular production of “Bans Super Min” as per the requirement. Let us share that, we are the first among all other Five Unions who also have started installation of the MM Plant simultaneously at their individual location.We have utilized Old Scrap Conveyor available at our end with the help of departmental concerns only & by which, we have saved approximately 10.00 Lac Rupees per year.

We have organized and conveyed the date wise Cattle Feed Dispatch schedule to individual DCS to facilitate equal & necessary distribution of Cattle Feed

we have started utilization of 10 mm die (Pellet Mill) to produce CF which has helped us to improve/maintain the production consistently.

Specification of Different Cattle Feed Variants
Sr No.Quality Character (%)Banas DanBanas Hypro DanBanas Bhens DanBanas Sagarbha DanBanas Calf StarterBanas Vikas DanBanas Super MinBanas Super Fat
1Moisture (Max)11.0011.0011.0011.0011.0011.0011.0011.00
 % on dry matter basis
2Protein (Min)20.0022.0024.0024.0023.0022.0023.0022.00
3Fat (Min)2.504.
4Fiber (Max)12.0010.0010.008.009.0012.009.0012.00
5Silica (Max)