This plant has been commissioned in the year 2017. The capacity of this plant is 5 LLPD pouch milk with 0.5 LLPD butter milk, 36 MTPD Dahi , 10 MTPD Paneer manufacturing and 50 TLPD icecream manufacturing facility and Flavoured Milk 8000 LPD. This is state of the art technology plant located at CG city,Chakgajeria, Lucknow.

Banas Dairy has also started milk procurement from the farmers of Uttar Pradesh as per Amul pattern in west, central and eastern Uttar Pradesh. As on date more than 1700 village level Samities have been formed to procure milk from farmers. With consistent remunerative milk price being paid to farmers of Uttar Pradesh they have taken up the Animal Husbandry as main source of livelihood and on account of the same the socio economic condition of milk producing famers is improving.