Banas Dairy is located at 5 km from Palanpur in the revenue land of Jagana village. The plant was set up in the year 1969 by visionary and founder Chairman Late Galababhai Nanjibhai Patel with eight societies pouring milk. Initially the milk was chilled and sent to Dudhsagar Dairy, Mehsana for further processing. With Operation Flood coming in to existence Banas Dairy with the technical assistance had put up a plant of 1.5 LLPD. As the milk receipt increased this plant was expanded up to 4 LLPD with Dairy whitener, Table butter, Ghee and pouch milk as main products. The surplus milk was sold to DMS and Mother Dairy. In year 1999 it was felt to create state of the art dairy plant of 6.5 LLPD to receive and process the present and forecasted milk. With the Technical and financial assistance of NDDB a Dairy plant called Banas II Dairy plant was set up in the year 2002 which had 40 MTPD butter manufacturing facility and 60 MTPD dairy whitener milk powder manufacturing capacity.

With increased in the milk procurement quantities on account of remunerative milk prices being paid to farmers and input services it was again felt to create another dairy plant of 8 LLPD called Banas III dairy. This dairy was also set up with Technical and financial assistance of NDDB in the year 2008, the main products of this dairy is table butter and icecream. The surplus milk was sent to Amulfed Dairy, Gandhinagar (Earlier Known as Mother dairy).

As the milk receipt kept on increasing the milk receiving and processing capacity of Banas I, Banas II and Banas III Dairy plants were expanded. As the market requirements infrastructure to manufacture value added products like UHT milk, Butter milk ,flavoured milk, Paneer, Dahi, etc has been set up. Subsequently the cheese plant with whey drying plant and 100 MTPD milk powder plant with state of art technology plants have been set up. The utility plants like refrigeration plant, steam generation plant, compressed air generation plant, sub station, water treatment plants and effluent treatment plants have also been set up and expanded in line with the increased production capacities. As on date the plant at Palanpur have following capacities:

Product Capacity
Milk receiving and processing capacities 56 LLPD
Powder manufacturing capacity 255 MTPD
Butter 120 MTPD
Ghee 50 MTPD
Dahi 24 MTPD
Cheese 30 MTPD
Butter milk 1.5 LLPD
UHT milk 5.5 LLPD
Pouch Milk 2 LLPD
Icecream 70 TLPD
Paneer 10 MTPD

All the products manufactured at Banas Dairy are marketed under Brand “AMUL” and “Sagar”.

The plant at Banas Dairy, Palanpur is certified for QMS, FSSC and EMS.

Banas Dairy has its own four milk chilling centers in the district at Tharad, Khimana, Dhanera and Radhanpur the capacity of which is 2 LLPD, 2 LLPD, 1 LLPD and 50 KLPD respectively. The capacity of Radhanpur chilling centre is being enhanced to 2 LLPD.

Banas Dairy has installed more than 1400 BMCs of capacity ranging from 1000 L to 10000 L in the village level societies for timely chilling of the milk there by maintaining the quality of raw milk. More than 90% of total milk receipt of Banas Dairy is presently chilled at village level societies and then transported to main dairy plant for further processing and product conversion thorugh fleet of tankers.

As the milk receipt increased it was felt necessary to start manufacturing of fresh milk products outside Gujarat. The first outside Gujarat market catered by Banas Dairy is Kanpur and ajoining areas. As the demand in the other areas increased Banas Dairy has started manufacturing fresh milk products in the areas of Rajasthan and Delhi /NCR. In order to cater to the market requirement Banas Dairy has set up its three owned plants at Faridabad, Kanpur and Lucknow. The details of these plants is as under :