In order to meet the continuously increasing nutritional (Complete Cattle Feed) requirement of dairy livestock of Banas Milk Shed area. Banas Dairy had commissioned new state-of-the-art Cattle Feed manufacturing plant at Katarva with the rated capacity of 1000 MTPD in 2012 and the capacity was extended 1800 MTPD in March 2020. This plant happens to be one of the earliest “Dust Free Cattle Feed Plant” in India.

Since last two years. both this plant is been routinely operated at rated or even beyond its installed capacity in order to fulfill the daily cattle feed requirements of dairy animals of Milk Shed of Bhabhar. Deodar. Dhanera. Kankrej. Lakhani. Radhanpur, Satalpur. Suigam. Tharad and Vav Talukas.

We at this Cattle Feed plant are manufacturing different complete Cattle Feed variants namely Banas Gay Dan, Banas Bhens Dan, Banas Calf Starter, Banas Vikas Dan, Banas Sagarbha Dan. considering the nutritional requirements of different categories of dairy animals of Banas Milk shed area.

Also, Banas Dairy has established mineral mixture manufacturing plant of 25 MTPD capacity in 2012 at Katarva and the capacity was extended 50 MTPD in March 2020 for providing mineral mixture to the different categories of dairy animals of Banas Milk Shed area in order to fulfill their daily mineral needs with reference to maintain better health, reproduction and production of quality milk.